Christ's Way to Pray

Christ's Way to Pray

By Philip G Samaan

How Christ Prays for Us and With Us

Do your prayers seem to bounce off the wall and back into your face? Do you feel as if your petitions barely reach the ceiling before falling back shattered at your feet? How can your puny prayers become prevailing prayers?

Christ’s Way to Pray explains that the answer is not found in focusing on our own prayers or the prayers of others. The real answer is found in joining our weak prayers with Christ’s mighty prayers, that Christ who passionately and perpetually prays for us and with us.

Christ longs to take our "smelly" prayers and fragrance them with the incense of His prayers. He yearns to take the trickle of our prayers and mingle with it the mighty flood of His prayers.

As you linger in the embrace of the praying Jesus, let him encircle you with His compassionate human arm. And with His mighty divine arm. Let Him grasp the throne of God.